The Office of Steven Louros, Esq., along with Marcus Cheung, Esq. recently tried a case in the Supreme Court of Queens County where it was established by the New York City Transit Authority’s own witness that the design of the P7 stairway within the Main Street 7 train station was defectively designed.


The stairway in question, “P7”, is located at the Flushing Main Street terminal of the 7 train, a massive hub where commuters walk up and down the steps daily. Our firm’s client was one of those commuters in the summer of 2012. While walking down the steps holding the handrail, our client fell because of the defective design of the stairway, which was made so that a piece of metal would protrude out from the rest of the step. The handrail blocked the line of sight for our client to see the metal protrusion, so she stepped on it and fell a few steps down onto the next landing, fracturing her ankle.


On March 16, 2017, under cross-examination, the witness from the New York City Transit Authority admitted that the stairs were installed around the 1990s and that the witness knew that the steps at the Main Street Flushing 7 Train station, as designed and built, were “not ideal.” For a system that had 1.763 billion rides in 2015, this is absolutely unacceptable and we, as citizens, must hold the New York City Transit Authority to account!


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