Our dedication to our clients speaks for itself.

We do not see our clients as “dollar signs.” We represent injured people who need help, and we fight hard for your rights.

We are committed to seeking the highest compensation possible when clients have been injured.

Above all, we respect each client and give close attention to the details of their case.

We investigate each case thoroughly as we work to resolve the legal claims involved. We use diverse resources, including our many years of experience and knowledge of the court system, to plan for success. We bring in various experts, as needed, and have a medical professional on staff always ready to be consulted regarding physical injury and insurance cases.

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Wrongful Death Litigation

Construction Accidents

Product Liability

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Personal Injury

The attorneys at Steven Louros, Esq. are known for their success as advocates for those wrongfully damaged or injured.

Since 1987, we have an impressive history of settling cases and bringing clients the justice that they deserve. When it comes to a personal injury case, one of the most powerful tools a victim can have is knowledge. We have published several case studies to give our clients an idea of what to expect with their own personal injury case.

"Mr. Louros' office and staff were exceedingly generous with their time."

- Ms. Leung